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Latest News

V-Air Solid Why It’s Above the Rest When It Comes To Air Fresheners

V-Air Solid Evolution VS The Competition – EMEA Please click on the link above to download and see why Vectair is ahead of the game against the competition for Air Fresh systems and products. You’ll love them so please ask for a sample or price from our sales team.  

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Essex Supplies & Bio Productions Enzyme Based Cleaning Products For All Washroom Tasks

Bio Productions and Essex Supplies are loving the current buzz about Pro-Biotics, sustainability and Environmental Innovations because we got there first, more than 30 years ago. Since 1986 we have dedicated ourselves to developing environmentally friendly enzyme-based cleaning and deodorising solutions. We have always been passionate about creating cleaning products that pack a powerful punch […]

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Fighting Coronavirus & Navigating Guidance on Hand Sanitizers A white paper on the benefits of both 70% alcohol and alcohol-free sanitizers As the public navigates the countermeasures to the pandemic, clear information on the viability of both 70% alcohol and alcohol-free hand sanitizers is vital for people to stay safe and healthy. This paper presents […]

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Essex Supplies UK “Business As Normal”

Essex Supplies has been open during the whole lockdown/covid period and we aim to remain open for all our customers and potential new business needs. We have worked hard to maintain our stock quality and stock levels are up to date and also trying hard to maintain prices as best as we can. We are […]

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NEW VIirabact Red Concentrate 60 Second Covid Kill Time

Virabact Concentrate Red Provides quick, easy cleaning and sanitising for all food preparation surfaces, microwaves, chopping boards, cupboards, fridges, freezers and more. Contains no perfumes so is non-tainting and therefore food safe. Conforms to BS EN 1276 killing 99.999% of bacteria within 60 seconds. Conforms to BS EN 14476 against enveloped viruses with a contact […]

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Hand Sanitiser Do You Know What You’re Looking For?

How to spot a High-Quality Hand Sanitiser to fight COVID-19 ?? A year like no other Sales of hand sanitiser soared by 255% [1] in February 2020 in response to the coronavirus pandemic. With recommendations from the World Health Organization (WHO) to: “Regularly and thoroughly clean your hands with an alcohol-based hand rub or wash […]

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