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Unit 5 The Cordwainers

Essex Supplies has settled in nicely to our new premises, at Unit 5 The Cordwainers, Temple Farm Industrial Estate, Southend on Sea, Essex , SS2 5RU

We are enjoying the updated facilities and the benefits of holding much more stock, speeding up deliveries and adding new lines.

Essex Supplies is keen to keep improving and supporting our regular loyal and new customer base.

Essex Supplies provide a free delivery service in Essex and surrounding areas with own fleet or vans and staff to make the experience run a smoothly as possible

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How to measure your waste bags correctly

Essex Supplies like to try to help.

One of the questions we are regularly asked is how do you measure a refuse sack or bin liner to order the correct product?

Please see the tips and support video below that will hopefully answer your question.

Choosing the correct refuse sack can make great improvements to a waste management strategy, improve recycling participation rates, and reduce contamination.
The standardised colour for a waste bag is typically black and often used for general domestic waste, however, refuse sacks can be supplied in an array of colours and opacities.

Coloured sacks are increasingly used to denote a specific waste stream and/or treatment process.

For waste which needs to be analysed or is prone to contamination, often transparent or clear (natural) sacks are used so the waste operative can see the contents. It will help with the detection and removal of any items that have been wrongfully captured

How to calculate bag size?
Lay the bag on a flat surface and measure the face width. Now extend the gusset by pulling both sides in different directions to gain the open width. Finally, measure the length of the liner. If the bag is not gusseted, only measure the open width and length.

Face Width = 457mm
Open Width = 737mm
Length = 965mm
The final gusseted bag size would be (457) x 737 x 945mm.
The final non-gusseted bag size would be 737 x 945mm

Easy Wash Mop Kit

Easy Wash is a compact microfibre flat mop system, which is a faster and more versatile way to clean small to medium areas than socket mops, including quick response cleaning and difficult areas such as staircases, skirting and behind pipes.

  • Cleans quicker than traditional mops
  • Microfibre effective cleaning
  • Floors dryer quicker
  • Cleans without chemicals
  • Lightweight and easy to use
  • Cleans floors, skirting, staircases, tiles, etc.
  • The abrasive microfibre mop cleans without chemicals and, as you use less water than traditional mops, the floors dryer faster too.

The touch-free frame reduces the risk of cross-contamination, while the micro flaps prevents accidental release during use.

The ergonomically designed 15 litre bucket features a wide opening for easy filling, compact wringer, rear handle that helps emptying, and integrated hook that attaches the mop handle to the bucket.

What’s in the kit
The kit includes a touch-free mop frame, microfibre pad, and 15 litre bucket with wringer.

How it’s used
Fix the mop to the mop holder and foot press the central button to unlock the frame. Soak the mop in the bucket, wring out, and lock the frame before use.
Then simply clean the floor and repeat until finished.

Guide to Chemicals in the workplace.


Please see above download from Greyland for a chemical control in the workplace support and top 10 tips

Click to Download to your PC or phone.

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*Highlight and visit the above links to see some of the Greyland Maximum Eco Range*


Red Sea and Global Trade – How it effects us ?

What the Houthi Red Sea Attacks Mean for Global Trade

What do the Houthi Red Sea attacks mean for global trade? What sparked the attacks? Will there be long-term effects on the world economy?

Houthi rebels’ targeted attacks on merchant ships in the Red Sea have disrupted one of the world’s busiest trade routes. To avoid the assaults, more commercial vessels are taking detours, which is raising shippers’ operational costs and disrupting the global supply chain.

Keep reading for a background on the Houthi attacks and how they may affect the world economy.

Attacks on the Red Sea
Once a global trade artery for goods worth $1 trillion annually, the Red Sea is being plagued by Houthi rebel attacks that are rerouting ships thousands of miles and jeopardizing the transport of everything from Crocs to Ikea furniture. Here’s how the Houthi Red Sea attacks might impact global trade.

The Red Sea is one of the busiest trade routes globally, commanding 15% of the world’s commerce valued at $1 trillion annually. It’s a vital passage for transporting commodities like oil, gas, food, cars, and clothing from Asia and the Middle East to Europe.

In November 2023, Houthi rebels from Yemen began attacking merchant ships crossing the Red Sea, justifying their hostility as retaliation for Israel’s military offensive in Gaza. Rebels have staged over 30 attacks on ships since November, deploying missiles, drones, and sea mines, and seizing vessels.

Experts say that Houthi rebels are also using the violent acts to:

Divert attention from their struggle to provide essential services at home amid ongoing economic hardships and humanitarian crises.
Gain international attention and prove that major global players can’t ignore them.
International Response

The Houthi maritime attacks have prompted a global outcry. The UN Security Council has condemned the strikes and more than 20 nations have rallied to join a US-led alliance to protect merchant vessels from assault.

In response to the threat, the US and UK have jointly launched military strikes on Houthi targets in Yemen, including radar and weapons sites, to deter the group and diminish its attack capabilities. However, experts warn that these counterattacks, along with Iran’s support of Houthi operations are stoking regional tensions and could provoke broader disputes in the region.

Impact on Global Trade

To avoid Houthi attacks, a growing number of merchant ships are avoiding the Red Sea, taking a less dangerous, but considerably longer and more costly journey around Africa by way of the Cape of Good Hope. This adds thousands of nautical miles and more than 10 days to trips, raising shippers’ costs by up to $3 million per vessel. The added time and inflated expenses are rippling through supply chains, exacerbating production delays and raw materials shortages from the Covid-19 pandemic.

Experts say that if the Red Sea crisis persists, consumers could face substantially higher prices on imported clothing, cars, gas, and food. The extra costs from changing shipping routes and overall uncertainty could also lead to broader price inflation.

Looking Ahead
Analysts predict that Houthi attacks in the Red Sea could persist for several months to a year. While many assert that diplomacy is necessary to address the crisis and restore stability, skeptics point to potential hurdles, including:

Growing domestic support for the Houthis within Yemen.

  • The militants’ desire for direct confrontation with the US to bolster their international credibility.
  • The ongoing conflict in Gaza.
  • These factors, they argue, could thwart diplomatic interventions.

Essex Supplies are working closely with all suppliers to avoid disruption to supply chains, ordering extra stock ahead of time in areas we see as potentially problematic 

Any concerns please reach out to us at Essex Supplies

Thank you




Happy New Year! We hope you had a nice Christmas break and we look forward to working with you all 2024.

Essex Supplies would like to offer a 2024 customer review. We are pleased to announce we have seen price reductions on certain lines from suppliers and will be making sure we pass them on.

We also have a new and exciting range of free on loan dispensers we can offer. Eco Natural toilet roll and hand towels becoming a new top seller, they provide a single sheet system, dramatically cutting waste. The toilet roll and hand towels product is made from recycled Tetra Pak cartons saving virgin paper pulp produced from cutting down trees.

Essex Supplies are working hard as a company to offer sustainable cleaning supplies ,introducing bamboo , sugarcane and an extended recycled product range pushing to reduce your environmental footprint.

We are now settled into the new warehouse , which offers us more storage space to keep on top of the stock and improve our delivery service and order turn around.

If you would like a site visit and a customer review to cover any of the above , then please contact the office team and one of our sales staff will make contact to arrange a time that works for you.

Essex Supplies prides itself on it personal service and customer support so please reach out and we look for ward to meeting up and working into 2024 together

Thank you

Dan Scopes

Sales Director

01702 600000