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Bucket-Free Mopping – mf40f

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Product Code: MF40F

Alloy Flat Mop Frame 40cm (16″)

Innovative Bucket-Free Mop Handle. No more wringing out mops – No more preparing pre-soaked flat mops – No more flat mops drying out! Stream has its own integral 500ml reservoir that allows you to activate jets of water or solution ahead of the mopping frame. Bucket-free mopping on hard floors and stairs up to 140m2 area.

  • Simply unscrew and remove top cap to expose the filling point.
  • Using your own bottle or jug simply pour in the solution or water.
  • Simply push down the top cap to activate the 3 jets of solution giving tri-directional coverage onto the mopping surface.
  • Choose from 5 different mops to suit your needs.