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Product Code: 13764*

Breazy 100% Microfibre Cloths – with Novolon® pick-up pockets. 1×25 *NEW PACK SIZE*

Breazy – The new wave in wiping

Image and result
Using Breazy is a proof of professionalism and guaranteeing the best-in-class results.
Independent studies prove that Breazy shows a bacteria reduction of 96.3%!

Low infrastructure requirements
Breazy does not require washing. If there are no washing facilities around, just dispose of Breazy whenever necessary and start using a new one.
You can either dispose of the cloth after a day’s use or wash it and use it again up to 15 times.

Hygiene & Safety
With the colour coding system, a cleaning process according to hygiene standards and HACCP principles can be applied.


The unique wave structure is a patented Freudenberg technology and the waves create pockets, which capture 40% more particle dirt than a comparable conventional cloth.
The fibre blend contains microfibre, which means easy and effective cleaning.
 60% Viscose, 
20% Polyester, 
15% Polypropylene, 
5% Polyester microfibre.


Breazy performs very well with both the bucket and spray cleaning methods. It can be used on all water-resistant surfaces such as desktops, cupboards, chairs, counters, bars, etc. Breazy is also highly suitable for all washroom surfaces.

  • 4 Colours  -Blue – Red – Yellow – Green
  • Pack size 1 x 25  ( new increased pack size 01/11/2019)