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PurActive Scourers

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Product Code: 12311*

Vileda Proffesional PurActive Scourers 1 x 10

Foam backing is soft to your hands, gives a good grip and enhances ergonomics. But don’t let that soft touch fool you – this is a hard working partner that cleans several kinds of surfaces to a shiny result.

PurActives special coating easily lifts stubborn grime whilst being gentle on all hard surfaces. It cleans three times more effectively than traditional non-scratching scourers and is more gentle on surfaces than a traditional abrasive scourer.

 – Abrasive and foam material: polyurethane

Hygiene & Safety –With the colour coding system, a cleaning process according to hygiene standards and HACCP principles can be applied.

 – For use on all hard surfaces where a scratch free finish is required (but test on an inconspicuous area first).

Code-123111 -PurActive green 15 x 7 cm  1 x10
Code-123112 – PurActive red 15 x 7 cm 1×10
Code-123113 – PurActive yellow 15 x 7 cm 1×10
Code – 123114 – PurActive blue 15 x 7 cm 1×10



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