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Product Code: SIG-FIRE

Classic Fire Blankets

Efficient red or white classic hanging fire blanket –  An easily-accessible piece of fire safety equipment, ideal for kitchens.

  • Case is hinged at the bottom for quick, easy access
  • Moulded hanging keyhole provides extra strength
  • Available in red

A fire blanket is one of the most important pieces of safety equipment you can have in certain rooms, particularly in kitchens. Your blanket can be used to extinguish fires in pans or, more vitally, help people whose clothing has caught on fire. To be most effective, the fire blanket needs to be easy to find and quick to access, and this product ticks both of those boxes.

Its hard casing is constructed in a single piece and is hinged at the bottom for access in a hurry. Available in either white or red, you can choose the version that maximises visibility where it needs to be mounted. To make finding it even easier, display our fire blanket sign next to where it’s kept. This sign not only makes the blanket more visible, but it also provides instructions for its proper use to help people deal with fires safely.

The blanket, in its case, can be hung on the wall in a location where people can get hold of it in an emergency. It has a moulded keyhole for hanging, which provides excellent strength and keeps it firmly where it needs to be.

While a fire blanket is perfect for dealing with some fires, you should ensure you have the right kind of fire extinguisher for every area of your business, to minimise the risk of fires getting out of control.

This fire blanket comes with a five-year warranty, giving you peace of mind that it won’t be unsuitable for extinguishing fires if it’s been unused for a long time – but make sure you inspect all fire safety equipment on a regular basis.