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iVo – InstaSan Fooger

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Product Code: BLITZALL

Insta-San – BlitzAll Anti-Viral & Anti-Bacterial Fogger 200ml

Effective against 99.999% of bacteria, yeast and
enveloped viruses, including Corona virus.


BlitzAll Anti-Bacterial Fogger is a perfect solution where an area of up to 100 M3 needs to be sanitised quickly such-as vehicles, public transport, wash rooms medical areas and  offices

Features –
● Fully conforms to BS EN 1276, 1650 and 14476
● Leaves an anti-bacterial layer on all surfaces
● Total release fills areas up to 100 m3
● Contains over 90% alcohol
● Simple and quick to use
● Single use, 200 ml can

Within 15 minutes, all surfaces will have an anti-bacterial layer and the air
will be sanitised.

• Shake can well before use.
• Place can in the middle of the room to be treated, upright on a level surface.
• Activate the can and leave the room straight away.
• Allow the spray to work for 15 minutes.
• After use, allow room to ventilate by opening windows and doors for 15 more minutes.

£6.99 £5.99

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