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iVo-Athena-8-SDV-Steam-Vacuum-Detergent-Machine-Kit-Section-DiVo-Athena-8-SDV-Steam-Vacuum-Detergent-Machine-Kit-Section-EiVo-Athena-8-SDV-Steam-Vacuum-Detergent-Machine-Top-Close-UpiVo-Athena-8-SDV-Steam-Vacuum-Detergent-Machine-Kit-Section-FiVo-Athena-8-SDV-Steam-Vacuum-Detergent-Machine-Kit-Section-BiVo-Athena-8-SDV-Steam-Vacuum-Detergent-Machine-Kit-Section-GiVo-Athena-8-SDV-Steam-Vacuum-Detergent-Machine (1)iVo-Athena-8-SDV-Steam-Vacuum-Detergent-Machine-Kit-Section-AiVo-Athena-8-SDV-Steam-Vacuum-Detergent-Machine-Control-PaneliVo-Athena-8-SDV-Steam-Vacuum-Detergent-Machine-Kit-Section-C

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Product Code: Athena8

iVo Athena 8 SDV Steam Detergent Vacuum Machine

Compact, Powerful 8 Bar SDV Steam Machine

The Athena 8 Steam Cleaners are compact and designed to powerfully excel at a wide variety of steam cleaning tasks, including tasks usually only tackled by much larger, more cumbersome machines.  With their 8 bar power, and the ability to utilise detergent along with the steam and vacuum, the iVo Steam Machines give impressive cleaning performance.

The Athena 8 is compact enough for one person to carry upstairs or between sites, making these steam cleaners a real game changing innovation for anyone moving cleaning equipment around their site, or between different locations.

The iVo Steam Machines are self-descaling, have continuous steam function, and are operated by digital controls, making them among the most advanced on the market.

The standard attachment kits include a wide variety of tools for a huge number of different cleaning tasks and scenarios.