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Product Code: VCART-****

V-Air® SOLID Air Freshener Multi-Phasing Refill Cartridges

Multiple fragrances from one single passive air freshener. Consistent, powerful fragrance delivery targets fragrance fatigue. Multi-phasing, passive deodorizer system using no aerosols, propellants, solvents, HFCs, batteries, gels, wicks or liquid.

Completely organic fragrance refill. Water based and flexible, solid reservoir (fragrance core). V-Air® SOLID Air Freshener with Multi-Phasing Technology | Vectair Systems

No propellants – Environmentally friendly odour control system using wholly recyclable materials
Designed to work with the V-Air dispensers and optional fan unit  ( code-VAIR-1W dispenser) (code-VAIR-1F fan unit)
  • Five fragrances available
  • Different fragrances are used in the centre portion (fragrance core) and in the ceramic capsule
  • V-Air® SOLID dispenser unit can be wall mounted or free standing
  • One V-Air® SOLID refill provides up to 60 days fragrance delivery to areas up to 170m³
  • Pack size 1 x 6



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